I blog now.

Because everyone wants to follow the life of city girl :)


Meet my New Roommate(s) + Cubs Must Die

I no longer live alone! In order of no particular importance, I now live with:

Wafflehouse Parks-Hypnar


I'm sure Cristyn will be impressed with all of that. I know I am. Anyways, we've been bouncing around. We went to a farmer's market, the beach, and out for drinks yesterday. I certainly felt like I was taking advantage of the city. And if anyone is interested, the lake was absolutely freezing and we were being attacked by a single fly that incessantly bit us. Weird, I know. 

Okay, on to why I hate the Cubs. They are destroying my life. 

Since I'm a real city girl now, I've been granted the right to be annoyed by the tourists and others that destroy my life and neighborhood to see the Cubs, who apparently have a home game every single day. I hate them all and feel that if not for the fact that I was sane, I will be the cause of much violent crime all over the street. I literally can see more people on the street than live in all of Willard. Perhaps that's not saying much. So I'm in a constant state of internal rage, but I'm finding ways to be entertained by the masses. Like this nice black fellow with no teeth and a fifty year old red t-shirt who I was observing while at a traffic light today. Of course he hocked a giant loogie as I was watching him. Disgusting. Kind of like this guy --> Eek! Anyways, I hate you Chicago Cubs. I can't park my car. I can't walk anywhere without touching an abnormally high number of strangers. And I can't even take the train without watching all of you silly tourists fumble with your one-day CTA passes for 35 minutes before actually getting through the entrance. Oh, Wrigleyville, I knew it would come to this. Meh, everything else with respect to my home is fine though. 

What else have I been doing? Okay, well I joined the YMCA here. Despite it's maze-like layout and the fact that I feel like a rat looking for cheese while I'm there, it's legit. I'm spinning and hurting my body in ways that I never thought possible. Kind of exciting, yet miserable. Unfortunately, my food and alcohol consumption negates most of what I do, but that status quo works for the rest of the country and it works for me too. 

I went to Target with my roommate today. Her bookshelf collapsed post-move. Of course only after she placed all her books on them. Anyways, while we were there, she bought a rug for her cat to poo on. We were getting into the elevator to get back to the first floor (yes, it was a two story Target; city people must build up, not out) this freak show of a girl asked her if she could touch her rug. What a crack head. I constantly wish I had a video camera because people in the city are amazing. It's like the people watching Olympics for me. Additionally, as a note to all parents: when your children inevitably scream like wild animals in public, please at least have the decency to parent just a tad and tell them to be quiet. I was almost seizuring when I left Target because there were so many screaming and crying kids. I'd take the Cubs crowd over that nonsense any day. 

Alright, I'm sure there is something On Demand that I have to watch right now. Tomorrow I begin acting like an adult and am going to do some job searching. I also have to hit the beach and the Field Museum's only free day in August. See, the city can be cheap. 

Top notch. 


Greetings from the Windy City!

I. Am. Here. Weeee!

I drove my sweet Budget truck to Chicago on Saturday, accomplished the move with my movers Louis and Chico (I loved them both, but I loved Chico the most) in two hours, and have since then been finding spaces for my millions of belongings that having giant walk in closets for the past three years enticed me to collect. I've been purging quite a bit. It's like therapy.

I've only been out a few times. I'm slighty neurotic in that I cannot relax until things in my apartment are put away and put together. Anyways, I went to a cozy little bar down the street that comes equipped with a full shelf of board games. Pretty fun. I can see that leading to some pretty fun nights in the future. Last night I walked up to my friend Ashley's place. There was a Cubs night game, so I had my first experience dealing with those crazy people (for those of you who don't know, I live one street east of the intersection that is Wrigley Field). Basically, there was just an enormous crowd and a lot of men in baseball jerseys. Nothing too crazy. Anyways, I met Ashley's roommate and we proceeded to mingle with some "locals." Lovely people. I then had my first experience at a BYOB restaurant. Best idea ever. These BYOB places are everywhere and again, I can see that leading to some pretty fun nights in the future.

That's all fairly boring, but nothing too exciting has happened yet. I bought coffee and milk and the corner store and the clerk sang Jai Ho the entire time I was in the store. Odd, yet entertaining. I got a parking ticket and am using my lawyer skills to fight it. I will let you all know how that works out for me. I will likely win. That's what I do. Also, I raged a war against what I have deemed a pterodactyl. Seriously about had a stroke fighting this beast. I need my roommates here STAT so when I scream someone comes to my assistance.

One of the roomies arrives Friday. With her cat. Meow.

More exciting updates to come soon!



Tomorrow morning I am driving a rental truck to Chicago. So I can live there forever. That's right, Jessie Lynn is headed to the big city!!!!

Based on how exciting my life is going to be, my overestimation of how much people care about what I do in my day-to-day life, and how much I enjoy talking about myself, I decided to create, dare I say . . . a blog. I'm kind of excited and feel super hip and technologically savvy. I anticipate this blog will be filled with a plethora of life updates, amazing random stories from my life in Chicago, and boatloads of observational humor. Enjoy!